​Suffering with a Personal Problem? Are You Canadian?

​Need help with a tough, hurtful issue...
but there is  no one you can talk to where you live?

Maybe you worry someone you know will see you going for help?  

​Small towns can be a nuisance because everyone knows everyone…
And they love gossip,.. even when they would call it “caring”.
I have friends like that in my little town.

Online counselling by secure text or video
(or combination) may be the answer.

It can be as effective as face to face therapy.

It can be the best option for shift workers, those living in remote places, a shy person, those in the public eye, perhaps even YOU.

There can be clear advantages to the method too, like having a record of what was discussed for future reference, and extra time offline to process and frame what you want to say.

(You spend time figuring things out off the clock, with help. It’s  cost effective).

Many people find it easier to be open when the conversation is not nose to nose.

Counselling offers new perspectives on your difficulty and clarifies next steps.

Can I help you?

​I have been knocked flat... down for the count.

Hello, I am Peggy McLauchlan, MSW. RSW.
 I was born with cerebral palsy.
Everything I have done in life has been a bit harder and a lot more painful than is the usual story.

I know what it feels like to be literally helpless, or to feel blocked at every turn.
I know how easy it is to get stuck in distress.
I went to work one day, was taken out in a wheelchair,
and did not see my home again for a month.

I got up, (not walking for months)...
​but I began moving toward something that matters to me.

It took me more than a decade to find my way back.
Along the way, I learned how to turn suffering into motivation and how to use my experience and knowledge to help others find their way out of pain.

Building my life, as I can help you build yours.
I became a counsellor, a Master Social Worker,  licensed in Ontario, Canada.

​​I help people move out of difficulty and struggle,
toward rich, full
and meaningful lives.

HOW??? Evidence based, ACT therapy.    

​If you are struggling, I can help you:

gain a workable perspective on your pain and difficulty;

​​identify untried strategies for your situation;

​​​explore and develop your personal strengths and skills;

​​​​clarify the values you want to motivate your life,
(what matters to you), and

​​​​​Move forward with purpose and meaning.

​Because I learned how to find and use my signature strengths,
because I discovered that there is power in living toward a purpose,
every hardship I have ever had, has become a lesson I use to help people.

Your purpose will be different from mine.
It may be outside your awareness.
Your values are the path out of misery.

​I can help you find your way.

There is a different way to live…
there is help to find the way out of pain.

Peggy McLauchlan

​Peggy McLauchlan

​Fellow Canadians,

​I don’t know your problem, as yet. It is unethical for me to offer testimonials from my clients… soo this is what I CAN offer:

1.  A free half-hour consultation so you can see if you and I are a good fit.

2. The first session by text, where you tell me the issues and I’ll suggest a first step and a plan. (One hour of my professional attention.)

At that point you will pay me what you think I am worth… from nothing up to my regular fee of $100 USF/hour (50 minute session).

I mean…  If I am asking you to trust me… I think I should trust you first.

3. Subsequent sessions will be paid in advance.

We work one issue at a time, so our relationship is defined … not open ended.

​Online Counselling is NOT a good option for individuals who have unstable or complex mental health issues. If this describes your situation, please seek local help. It can make a difference.

I am licensed to offer psychotherapy, (within my scope of practice), to Canadians living everywhere except Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Quebec.

Residents in BC cannot use video conference therapy due to local privacy law. I do not do the Regulated Act of psychotherapy in Ontario, (with individuals having serious, persistent mental illness).