​​Craft a New Phone Habit, Custom Made to Support the Life You Want

​How Much of Your Life has been SWALLOWED by Your Smartphone?

​Does your phone grab and hold your attention even when you want to get off it?

Is anyone in your life hurting because they needed you, but your head was stuck in your phone?

 Have you missed tender moments because you showed up on social media, but were not present for loved ones who share your real life?

​Are You Spending Your Attention on what Matters Most to you? ...You Can!
Does your phone habit make you feel dissatisfied and “not good enough”?
Marketers like that. They want you to spend $$ on stuff to make yourself feel better.


Clock face

The Time You Spend on Your Phone is STOLEN from Your Life.
Like money, you can only spend your attention once.
Multitasking is bogus… you can only spend your attention, moment by moment, 
on one thing at a time. 

Smartphone in hand

Does this sound like YOU? Do you need a new phone habit?
A Life that is Rich and Rewarding has to be lived... In Person. On Purpose.

Skimming over your life like you skim text will leave you empty and lost at the end.

Maybe you already know the feeling… but Think. Is what you have, the life you want?

​You Can Do Something about it… Get Off Your Phone... And Into Your Life!

Peggy McLauchlan

Hi, I’m Peggy McLauchlan, a Master Social Worker in Ontario, Canada.
I have been distracted, isolated, and not engaged in living fully.

I have been sucked into an internet game.
I have discovered that my life is better when I chase what matters to me,
and I’m actually acting on those values ...on purpose.

I think mindless smartphone use threatens most people’s long term happiness, and their family bonds.

I can help you reduce the addictive features of your smartphone.

I can show you how to build a flourishing life ...  Rich, Rewarding, Purposeful.

Since we NEED cell phones for modern life,
I devised a coaching program that:

​Identifies if you have a problem phone habit.

​​​Flags the functions on you phone that cause YOU the most trouble.

​​​​Coaches you while you choose what you want your phone to do for you.

​Provides Support and coaching while you deal with the addictive parts of your phone habit. (Depending on your habit, this part might be difficult or uncomfortable), and

​​​​​​Guides you to find and use your signature strengths to build a richer, fuller life.

​Ultimately, I’ll help you configure your phone, and your use of it, so that it supports the life you want... that you’ll choose on purpose.

The Get Off Your Phone … and Into Your Life Program​

How it Works

Your program will move at your pace over six weeks.

Week 1:

Assessing Your Habit

​Reviewing your assessment worksheet. We will discuss where you lose time, what you want instead.
First Steps to take.

Week 2:

Mapping Your Phone Habit

​​Identifying which functions on your phone give you trouble, and which you need to keep. We make a visual map of your problem.

Week 3:

​Choosing What to keep, what to modify, what to disable on your phone. We make the changes to your phone and try them out for workability.

Week 4 - 6:

Dealing with issues that arise.

​​Exploring new life enhancing habits. Reinforcing the new phone habit. Relapse prevention. 

​You and I will try different strategies to find the best solution for you.

 I will give you bite-size, individualized challenges to take you from where you are now to where you want to go.

But WAIT… it gets even better.

Reshaping your phone habit is just half the promise... right?

Do You Know How to Build the Best Possible Life that YOU Want?

NO?... as it happens, THAT is where Peggy On Purpose Shines!

You Can’t Get this Anywhere else...

​Fifteen years ago I discovered Positive Psychology, a new field that studies the habits, skills and behavior of people whose lives are flourishing… full of life satisfaction, meaning and well being.

When I discovered my signature strengths of character, and how to use them in my everyday life, it was a turning point for me. Positive Psych has been my specialty ever since.

Then, as I watched smartphone overuse grow, I found a mission… I know what can fix it.

I worry about what smartphone addiction is doing to people because I know that the mindless phone zone that grabs people is completely opposite to what flourishing people think and do to build a rich and rewarding life.

Your phone feeds you dopamine. That is why you are hooked... using your phone feels rewarding, but the dopamine buzz builds nothing good. So when you and I disable the functions of your phone that keep you hooked, you are going to miss dopamine.

​The Secret Sauce

Positive Psych habits and skills give a dopamine payoff too… but practicing them builds lasting strength on strength, life satisfaction, meaning and well being.

It’s real. I am going to help you learn your signature strengths and other new habits that can make your life richer.

So... What Do You Want for Your Life, for Your Family?

More Phone or More Purpose?

What You Get when You sign up for Get Off Your Phone… and Into Your Life:

Coaching will include:

A personal video 1 on 1 coaching session weekly.

Week 1:

Assessing Your Habit

Week 2:

Mapping Your Phone Habit

Week 3:

​Choosing What to Keep, Change, and Disable.

Week 4 - 6:

​Dealing with Issues. Exploring new life enhancing habits. Relapse prevention.

You also get:

  • ​one or two individualized phone addiction busting experiments (via email), per week,
  • ​one specially chosen positive psych adventure (via email), to explore each week.

BONUS: Dedicated Facebook Support Group.
VALUE $357... Included FREE. You get :

  • ​​​a weekly Facebook Support group meeting for sharing struggles, progress, and Q and A with me. Altogether you’ll have my professional guidance for 3+ hours a week.
  • ​​Over and above your dedicated time with me, the Facebook group is available at all times, for your support and encouragement. I’ll check in daily.

At the end of active coaching, we will meet for three brief check in sessions, at weeks 10, 14 and 20, because new habits take 90 to 120 days to be established.

​Imagine being able to recognize when and how your phone manipulates you.

Imagine knowing how to resist the compulsive urge to overuse your phone.

Imagine replacing time lost on your phone with activities that build your best life.

​No Risk Guarantee

You may leave any time in the first ten days and request a full refund.
Your phone is addictive. Some will prefer the easy, effortless dopamine kick. I promise that the more you pursue positive habits, the greater your reward.

Get Off Your Phone… and Into Your Life
Pricing Plans:

​Individual One on One

​Coaching (6 weeks)



​I believe that life changing positive habits are key to living well with technology.

​Today is the day … Life can Get Better starting NOW.
Get Off the Phone… and Into Your Life. 


4 ​Steps to UnHook from your Smartphone