Boost Your Life: Put Your Hidden Unique Strengths to Work

Guided Exploration of your own Signature Strengths of Character

​​Do you feel aimless, vaguely dissatisfied, like you are just marking time for no good purpose?

Do you want “something more” than what you have, but you don’t know what it is?


What if I told you that there is a scientifically proven path to more happiness and well being? There is. You have strengths of character, unique to you, that are the key to building life satisfaction and well being.

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What if learning and using your own strengths of character gave you a deep feeling of connection with your best self,  a feeling of authenticity, of being aligned with your purpose.

​It is true and it is science. Positive psychology to be exact.

Peggy McLauchlan

​Hi, I am Peggy McLauchlan, a Master Social Worker in Ontario, Canada.
When I learned my own top 5 Signature Strengths, I was at a low ebb in my life. The strengths of Curiosity and Love of Learning were high on my list. I went back to university to study positive psych and social work. It was a turning point in my life.

I discovered that when you know your strengths and make life choices that use them, life gets better. Strengths build upon each other.
Using your strengths feels deeply rewarding.
You feel grounded, authentic, purposeful.

​Happiness comes more easily.

And the best news?
Taking the survey that gives you your signature strengths is free.
A gift to the world.
​Taken by over 6.8 million people in 196 countries.

Million people

Strengths Coaching Intensive

​​You may want help to interpret the survey results.
If you want coaching help to put your signature strengths to work in the life you have, I can help you explore them, for the biggest boost.

I am here for you.

Ready, willing and, oh so excited, to help a fellow traveller find their purpose.

The VIA Institute of Character Survey

​​​The Values in Action (VIA), survey is the cornerstone of the Positive Psychology movement.

When you answer the VIA questions, the survey will show you your top 5 signature strengths and rank order the rest.

There are 24.
The way the strengths play out in you, will be unique to you…

I’m telling you, You Want This stuff in your own life… It made such a huge difference to me. You can take the survey free of charge, or purchase detailed reports.

​The Character Strengths identified by the VIA survey are the backbone for personal growth. … There are great benefits to knowing yours.

  • ​​Your signature strengths are closely related to you values… your purpose is in them.
  • ​​Acting from your strengths makes personal decision making easier.
  • ​Choices aligned with signature strengths lead to pervasive well being.

​The Strengths Coaching Intensive: You and Me, one on one.

Sign up for Strengths Coaching

I will send you instructions how to complete your survey inside my VIA Institute pro account.

​All included in the package price of $267:
    1.  I'll review your survey result.
           2.  I’ll frame three questions to prompt your reflection, email you.
           3.  I’ll read your responses, and any questions you might have.
           4.  I’ll organize our meeting… important points, clarify issues.
           5.  I’ll book a teleconference call.
           6.  We will meet via phone or video link.
           7.  I’ll send you 3 follow-up experimental challenges, personalized to help you use and grow your strengths.


​​When you sign up for the Strengths Coaching Intensive, you’ll get 6 months membership in a closed Facebook group about positive psychology: From Strength to Strength… where you’ll get weekly tips to help you pursue your best life… using the science of positive psych.
You are invited to share your adventures exploring signature strengths, and your personal growth, if you wish.

You get ALL of this for a mere $267