Is Your Smartphone Habit a Problem?

Count the Cost...

If you Lose Hours scrolling and clicking on your phone and feel restless when separated from it ... ,

What toll is  it taking on your loved ones?

Do you want something better?

Do you and your family use digital media to enrich your shared experience,
or for escape and distance?

​Are you giving your time and attention to the people and pursuits that matter most to you…
or to a habit that will ultimately leave you empty?

Do you feel connected with your purpose,
fulfilled by your choices, … 
or distracted?

Peggy McLauchlan

Hi, I am Peggy "On Purpose" McLauchlan, MSW RSW.

I can HELP you balance your actual and digital lives.

In Ontario, Canada, I am a counsellor practicing ACT
(Acceptance and Commitment) therapy
with liberal doses of positive psychology.

Did You Know?


 Digital Media is designed to grab and hold your attention.
Internet overuse damages relationships and cripples personal growth.

Mindless consumption of digital entertainment creates problems.

Smartphones are deliberately designed to be habit forming.
Smartphone overuse and addiction increases year over year.


There are KNOWN HABITS of thinking and acting that build more happiness, engagement, and well being. 

Insights come from Positive Psychology research and Character Strengths.

Thanks to Positive Psych, we can knit the known ingredients of a deeply satisfying life, into our own daily habits.

Living by your signature strengths of character is a big part of it.
But few know what they are, or how to find and use them.

​​Craft a New Phone Habit,
Custom Made to Support the Life You Want

Get Off Your Phone... And Into Your Life!

Suffering with a Personal Problem?
Are You Canadian?

Need help with a tough, hurtful issue?

Boost Your Life:
Put Your Hidden Unique Strengths to Work 

Learn habits and skills that build happiness and well being.

Get Off the Smartphone... and Boost Your Life... Peggy on Purpose can help.

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